Useful tips to master your Shoperr creativity

Once you’re done with creating your first shop and adding products, there is still a lot you can do in order to optimize your shop. Here are a few of the best Shoperr tips for maximizing exposure and profitability while designing a beautiful shop.

We’ll start with marketing tips that work across all platforms, then specific platforms, and finally design tips. Don’t forget to check out our bonus tip at the bottom of the page – it can significantly impact your profit!

Marketing Tips

Marketing makes or breaks a business, so it’s vital to understand the best way for you to promote your shop. Before we delve deeper into tips for specific platforms, here are a few marketing tips that work across all platforms.

Link to Social Media Accounts

The first step towards publishing your shop effectively is linking your Shoperr Channel to your social media accounts. All of the shops under the channel you chose will have links to your accounts. They will appear next to the title of your shop.


If you want your shop to appear professional, you need to aim for a uniform brand. Making your shop identifiable with you easily will make it a seamless part of your online persona. Furthermore, social linking can help you to better exposure within the platform and on search engines.

Talk to your audience

Maybe you aren’t sure that your audience even wants to hear your recommendations, or afraid of being a “sell-out”. You may just want to know what interests them most and what they expect. The best thing to do is just ask!

Don’t be afraid to post a survey asking your audience if and what product recommendations they want, and how often.

This will create more hype and exposure among loyal fans, and make you look more transparent and personal. This resembles permission marketing tactics a little bit, which generally result in a higher engagement and conversion rate, and in more customer (or in your case – fanbase) trust.

Prioritize Links

Remember that your links are your main way of promoting your shop. You can get links to your entire shop or to a specific product by using the Shop menu or Products tab. You can get there by going to the Manage page and clicking on a shop.

shoperr product link

Plug your shop on social media. Post about it, text about it, plug it on your videos and get people curious. The more you link, the more they click! Let your subscribers know that your shop was created for them. When you mention your shop in your videos, tell your viewers about the links in the description and what are they about.

Remember SEO

Remember the importance of Search Engine Optimization for the success of your Shop, or really anything else on the web. Your description, titles, product names are all important for your visibility on Google, and you should attempt to optimize them.

google shoperr result

If you don’t know much about SEO there are plenty of resources that will help you get started. But remember that you don’t have to be an SEO master in order to achieve results. You have to make sure that your text is intentional. Write it with the specific purpose of being found rather than just describe.

Instagram Tips

Using Instagram to promote your Shopper shop makes it easy for your followers to check out the products they read about in your posts and stories. Here are a few of the best Shoperr tips for Instagram!

Link in Bio

Place Shoperr links in your Instagram Bio. This is the place to post a link to your shops rather than products, and your followers will thank you for the single link that gets them straight to all the products you talk about in your posts.

While Instagram allows only a single link to be placed in the bio, you can use tools such as Linktree and Lnk.Bio. They will allow you to link to several of your shops with only a single link.

Link in Caption

Even though Instagram does not support clickable links in captions, you can still put them there. Your followers will simply have to copy and paste that link manually.

This works best with product links, as they can be naturally tied to a single post. While not seamless, it’s best to still give your fans the option to quickly find a relevant page on your shop. It’s still easier to copy and paste a link to a product than to go manually look for it in your shop.

Use Instagram Stories

Instagram story link

Promoting your shop using Instagram Stories are extremely effective! All your viewers have to do is swipe up – and they land directly in your Shoperr shop while enjoying your content. It is preferred on putting the link in the caption. However you can put links in your stories if you have 10,000 followers or more, or if you have a verified account.

If you added a link to your story, it will be visible on the screen for a second before the next story appears, so make sure to remind your audience to click on the link. You should include a call to action such as “swipe up for more”.

YouTube Tips

Using Shoperr on YouTube is a great way to share all your featured products in your video’s description. Here are a few of the best Shoperr tips on how to do it right. 

Links in Description

Include Shoperr links to all featured products mentioned in your videos, so that your subscribers get used to the idea that they can easily always find them in the description.

youtube description shoperr

Remember to let your viewers know that they can find all the great products they saw in your video – right in the video’s description. The same applies for shops or individual product links. Remember, it gives your video content that much added value when your viewers don’t have to look things up for themselves!

Pin Comments

Many viewers tend to skip the description, and sometimes even a portion of the video in order to go see the comment section. Put yours to good use. Pin a comment with a Shoperr shop link on the very top of your comments section. You can also use the comments to let your viewers know all about the links waiting for them in the description.

Remember that the one thing that’s as valuable as your recommendation, if not more so, is a fans wholehearted agreement with you. If you see that a viewer has posted a comment that might help conversion, don’t hesitate to pin it as well. As a bonus your community will appreciate the attention and your engagement will rise.

Facebook Tips

Using Shoperr on Facebook is what Like! is all about. Here are some likable Shoperr tips to help you do it right. 

Let the Fans Know

Include your Shoperr links in all posts that mention products, whether they are image, text or video posts, so that your followers can find and purchase them easily. When posting a video or an image, make sure to let your followers know that they can check out and purchase the products they just saw by clicking the links you put up just for them.

facebook link shoperr

To expand on what we mentioned in the “Talk to your audience” section, Facebook is a great platform to post a poll to get an idea on what your audiences expect from you and generate buzz.

Open a Group

Facebook groups are just amazing for engagement. If you currently market your shop using a Facebook page, open a group either instead or alongside the page. The group will let your audiences to create a community around your content and the products that you’re selling.

A group also lets your audiences feel safe because they have a public platform where they can post feedback. An open group with little to no complains with high engagement is a clear sign of a trustworthiness.

Design Tips

In order for your shop to succeed it needs to be accessible for customers and pleasant to use. Here are the top Shoperr tips to customize and perfect the look and feel of your shop. 

Don’t Clutter

Don’t let your followers get lost in the clutter! Even though a shop supports up to 50 products, the ideal amount is 10 per shop. Keep your product recommendations and shop branding focused and achieve better earnings.

Make sure that you put emphasis on only adding relevant products and never for the sake of just having more products in your shop. If you really do have a lot of products, consider making several themed shops on a single channel. They will all be linked through the channel and you’ll avoid cluttering. 

Master the Shoperr Creator

The Shoperr Creator has extensive customization options for you to build a beautiful Shop.

You can read all about the customization options right here. Make sure that you went over them as a well designed shop will have a higher conversion rate.


We recommend using enrichment and recommendation cards to inform about special offers and communicate with your shoppers. Don’t forget a fitting cover photo, logo, color scheme and font of your shop. Including a video also has a (very) significant impact on CTR, so try to always add one.

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