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“We saw social media and social commerce becoming intertwined, and influencers have increasingly played a bigger role in society, especially when it comes to brands and making overall recommendations.

We identified that earlier on and essentially looked at building a platform where users could share products and services that they love and believe in and really make authentic recommendations.”

On Digital Trends

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DT: Excited to be joined by Jason Dodier of Shoperr hello Jason

Jason: Hello thank you so much for having me.

DT: Thanks for Joining us you know one of the terms that has entered our collective zeitgeist I don’t know what the right word would be but I am talking about Influencer Marketing. That term influencer marketing has become something that I think no matter where your at even if your not in the business world if your just a consumer or wherever you fall on that we know what the term influencer marketing is and what your doing is really interesting with this platform that your working for and I was wondering if you could just maybe walk through with us to start off and explain maybe what exactly Shoperr is and how it fits into the business culture.

Jason: It would be a pleasure to do that and really Shoperr came about we saw a massive basically social media and social commerce becoming intertwined and basically influencers played a bigger role in society especially when it comes to brands and making overall recommendations and we identified that earlier on and we essentially looked at building a platform where users could share products and services they loved and believed in and really make authentic recommendations. A lot of what we do is based around authenticity and it’s based around really improving consumers influencers overall digital business acumen that’s one of the key pieces of it but our mission is to really lift up these influencers specifically nano and micro which I’m sure we will go into more detail later on the program, but lifting them up changing their perspective allowing them to transact and allowing them to work with brands agencies and ultimately the consumers that they serve in the easiest manner possible. And that was really the root of where Shoperr came from allowing you to build authentic shops with brands and products you love in minutes mere minutes. Its literally dummy proof.

DT: Well lets actually go to that then let’s get another definition from you if you don’t mind like what is your definition of a market influencer?

Jason: Yeah so a market influencer is literally someone that for example if you go to your local convenience store in town somebody that you trust somebody you believe in that use the products they leverage their services they are doing this day to day it’s somebody you built rapour with. We know that there are mega influencers in the market today that have over 500,000 followers millions of folks that look at what they do and try to mirror what they are doing day to day in their lives. Our approach is we are looking at an influencer as somebody that’s out there and we see the percentages and the numbers are clear that they are folks that you would consider as almost a friend and they are the ones your going to follow your going to abide in and work with to develop and grow not only your own ambitions but your own businesses as well and that’s kinda what we’re seeing as this trend of nano and micro influencers are really
starting to take off here in the U.S. and the world over.

DT: So say somebody is a nano or micro influencer how do they then jump into this platform.

Jason: Right so it’s really simple the way we set it up. So they could come look at the Shoperr platform it’s a self-serve platform so its going to allow them to be it’s a central repository if you will so most of these folks have different channels weather its on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, video content you take all that information and you bring it here then you have access to world-class brands and services everything you could leverage the best buys, the Amazons, Sephora’s whatever your specialty is even your own products that are out in the market. You take those to a granular level and you bring it to Shoperr you could design different shops based on a variety of context and content or create you know create your own higher level shop combining different things and different items like that and its really clear clean and concise and as you know most nano influencers micro influencers folks that are starting their own
businesses don’t necessarily have the working capital to make these kinda investments so we give them the full logistics the portal we have smart link technology so it allows them to really monetize the products they are selling the most efficient way looking at the products they want to represent that’s going to pay me the highest referral fees and compensation we are going to manage their real-time pay structure so accounts receivable and also the logistics are taken care of on the backend so we are giving them that full scope everything they would need to build a business at minimal costs and they are building their brands today using Shoperr. So we are really proud of that.

DT: So so that’s really interesting so I mean you handle the affiliate links you bring them to the things they are going to be able to sell the most. So how does the pay structure work? So if somebody signs up to be an influencer is there a monthly fee or is it a percentage of the affiliate links how does that work?

Jason: That’s a great question and at the end of the day there is no fee join Shoperr and
Shoperr is really the backend we want this to be you building your unique brand on our platform there is nothing to do with Shoperr. And then in terms of the fee structure goes yes its affiliate commissions that are pre-determined based on relationships we have gotten with certain brands of course with certain agencies that we may work with in the future. So your getting a set commission based on the product and then there is also a pretty neat referral system in there if you refer other influencers and other content providers to our platform you will also get a potential cut of that revenue as well but there is no cost to join Shoperr we encourage folks to join and create as many shops as they want and at there convenience.

DT: So if somebody goes on there and creates their shop how do they integrate that cause you said you want that kinda being the backend like how this all works how do they integrate that into that? Say it’s an Instagram influencer or YouTube influencer how do they put this into their platform?

Jason: Right so what we love about this is a lot of the technologies on the market today are linked based so you go to somebodies YouTube page you go to there social media and you just see a ton of different links. Shoperr is essentially is one link, it’s one link so it’s going to be one terminal you click on that you integrate it wherever you’re telling your stories or showing your videos it’s completely interactive. That’s actually how Shoperr started was to be able to provide more how to content so look at video click on that video and understand what all the pieces are that make up what you’re trying to do whether its makeup it’s a type of design or a craft that you’re a specialist at. So just taking that one link and clicking that and that one link is going to provide everything for you. So that’s the easiest way to interact so you take a link to your shop you embed it in whatever methodology or platform your using or you prefer to communicate day to day with your followers and the people you’re having an impact on their lives. It’s really as simple as that we provide one link as opposed to having 50 different links and take the confusion out of the process.

DT: yeah that does sound like it simplifies it down quite a bit and influencer marketing is not something that’s going away I mean its only going to increase like you said down to the micro-nano level like just influencing your friends your friend group or people you know and whatever expertise that is and you have stuff like all the way up to the Kendal Jenner’s of the world or whatever Fyre Festival type of influencers with everything that happened with that but that type of thing isn’t going away so where do you see this going as we go forward?

Jason: The Trends are clear and we spend a lot of time analyzing the trends because its
important because it validates everything it’s the lifeblood of our business we know when we look at the Nanos and micros, in particular, the numbers are extensive over 80% of people are highly likely to follow the recommendations of influencers over 90% look at their friends right their friends in terms of which brands do we buy then look at the broad market. If you look at trends from google influencer marketing has nearly tripled in just the last year in terms of the average monthly searches right ad spending on marketing is going to be approaching 10 billion dollars this is influencer marketing spending by 2022 then you look at the amount being spend on Instagram just Instagram alone in the influencer space is approaching $2 billion this year it’s a massive market and again our mission is to give those Nanos give the individual influencers and micros influencers the opportunity to buy and play in the space and have a voice. And if you look at even e-commerce sales which we try to monitor as closely as possible e-commerce especially among millennials and Gen Z were getting closer to a trillion dollars being done in business in real time commerce on these platforms so the statistics are staggering and its not zip code specific and Shoperr is living proof of that our brand is simonies with the global market place with what’s happening and we’re proud of that to say we got influencers using our platform from all over the world, not just the united states but in Europe Israel obviously and other places and that’s something that’s really really important with the democratization of data and we are riding that trend strongly.

DT: That’s great and well its an exciting new world to see how this all going to work out and it sounds like you are right at the forefront of all this. So how can someone go there is the easiest way to just got to sign up for an account is it just that simple?

Jason: yeah the easiest way today is just go to the website sign up play around with it we’ve got folks working around the clock one behind the scenes to make sure our algorithms and our intelligence Artificial Intelligence the way we are able to communicate and build based on the feedback we’re getting from influencers in the marketplace is ready and in real time but we’ve got an incredible team on standby to support folks if they need assistance with developing shops rolling things out answering questions and also talking about additional things we are trying to do from a technological standpoint which is very very interesting around data analytics more on authenticity the demand for chatbots and artificial intelligence as well these are all things we can have these discussions with anybody that’s interested.

DT: wow that’s fantastic so really incorporating a lot of this newer technology into it as well. So Jason thank you so much for coming on here its really exciting to learn about some of these different aspects and these things I think a lot of these things for a lot of people this is a new area so they can find out how maybe they can be a part of it with and best of luck and continued success.

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